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Our team at Sunpower Services can supply your business with electricity from PV panels mounted on your business premises building roof. Alternatively, we can look at a ground mount system to suit your business needs. We offer an all in rate (i.e. there is no CCL, standing charge, etc. on top of the unit rate).

The unit rate depends upon the length of the agreement that both parties sign. The initial unit rate is fixed until 31st December 2025, and from 1st January 2026 the unit rate rises by the annual CPI rate thereafter, for the duration of the agreement.

Electricity Rates 

We also guarantee that the price that we charge you for your electricity will always be at least 10% below the all in commercial rate that you are paying at any time for your electricity and for the duration of our agreement. This means that if the commercial electricity prices drop to below 10% more than the rate we are charging, then we will drop our rate to yourselves accordingly. Whilst this is very unlikely to happen, this is a safeguard to yourselves to make sure that you are not tied in to paying a fixed rate for electricity should the commercial rate for electricity drop substantially in the future. The unit electricity rates and the appropriate agreement length are shown as follows:

Agreement Length Unit Rate, all in, at commencement (excluding VAT)

Agreement Length Unit Rate, all in, at commencement (excluding VAT)
25 Years 18 pence
20 Years 20 pence
15 Years 23 pence
10 Years 28 pence

All the electricity is metered, and we only charge you for the PV electric that you consume yourselves on site. During sunny periods, part of the electricity produced will be exported to the grid and obviously you will not be charged for that portion of electricity, however we retain the right to earn money from the grid for exported electricity that you do not use.

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