Solar Power For Business

Our team at Sunpower Services, can supply your business with electricity from PV panels mounted on your business premises building roof. Alternatively, we can look at a ground mount system for you. All of this at an all in rate (i.e. there is no CCL, standing charge, etc. on top of the unit rate).
You only pay for the electricity you use! 

The unit rate depends upon the length of the agreement that both parties sign. The initial unit rate is fixed until 31st December 2025. From 1st January 2026 the unit rate rises by the annual CPI rate thereafter, for the duration of the agreement.

Solar panels

Sunpower Services Business Guarantee

At Sunpower Services, we guarantee that the price we charge your business for electricity, will always be at least 10% below the all in commercial rate, that you are paying at any time for your electricity and for the duration of the agreement.

This means that if the commercial electricity prices drop to below 10% more than the rate we are charging, we at Sunpower Services will drop our rate to yourselves accordingly.

Whilst this is very unlikely to happen, this is a safeguard to your business to ensure that your business is not tied in to paying a fixed rate for electricity, should the commercial rate for electricity drop substantially in the future.

The unit electricity rates and the appropriate agreement length are shown as follows…

Agreement Length Unit Rate, all in, at commencement (excluding VAT):

25 Years 18 pence
20 Years 20 pence
15 Years 23 pence
10 Years 28 pence


All the electricity is metered, and we only charge you for the PV electric that you consume yourselves on site. During sunny periods, part of the electricity produced will be exported to the grid. Your business will not be charged for that portion of electricity, however we retain the right to earn money from the grid for exported electricity that you do not use.

What’s Included In Your Solar Power For Business Agreement

We cover all of the costings involved in this installation including:

  • PV panels
  • Inverters
  • DC cabling
  • AC cabling
  • Switch gear
  • Meter
  • Installation costs
  • Grid application costs
  • Metering and meter reading costs
  • Insurance of the PV system


solar panel installations


There are absolutely no initial costs to yourselves – the only cost is simply the electricity cost per unit which you consume on site. For every unit of PV electricity used your business will save one unit of imported electricity from the grid which you will not have to pay for.

Payment terms are Direct Debit, monthly, in arrears at 15 days. I.e. for the electricity for the month of January we will invoice you at the end of January and payment is taken by Direct Debit on 15th February. 


At Sunpower Services, we are responsible for all maintenance during the course of the agreement. This includes inverter replacement costs, panel cleaning and performance monitoring. 

Prior to any installation our expert team will carry out a structural survey to ensure that the roof and buildings are suitable for installation. We warrant the PV installation and roof against any damage or deterioration that might be caused by the PV install, for the duration of the agreement.

Generally no planning permission is required for PV installations on industrial and commercial buildings. However, if planning permission is required then we will be responsible for that and cover the appropriate costs.



Quite clearly, PV installations generate far more electricity in the summer than in the winter. Therefore, we cannot guarantee any minimum amount of PV at any time. You will need to retain your current grid connection and your current electricity import supplier. You will also need to pay the energy bills appropriately. However, it is our mission to assist you in reducing the energy bills for your business using solar technology.

Your monthly consumption bills of electricity from your existing supplier will be reduced by the exact amount of PV electricity that you use. Therefore your incoming electricity bills from your utility supplier will be much lower, especially in the summer.

At the end of the agreement, you can choose from any one of the following three options:

1. You ask us to remove the PV installation and make good.

2. You have the option to purchase the PV install from ourselves at a price to be mutually agreed at the time. You will therefore no longer be invoiced by Sunpower Services for PV electricity consumed – you just benefit from free electricity.

3. You have the option to extend this agreement at a reduced unit rate to be agreed at the end of the agreement.


If you are considering taking solar power for business further, firstly, we need to assess the suitability of your site, so please ensure that all of the following apply:

  • Solid roof construction (e.g. profile metal cladding)
  • Remaining roof life in excess of 20 years
  • Roof broadly facing south (south east to south west is acceptable)
  • No or minimal protrusions from the roof (e.g. chimneys, flues, ducts etc.)
  • No shading of the roof (e.g. from trees or tall surrounding buildings)
  • The property is situated in England or Wales
  • The property is not a listed building
  • Your property is not in a conservation area


  • Your business has control over the ability to put solar panels on the roof –  (e.g. you own the building or have a long lease on the building including the outside shell)
  • The business has a reasonable electricity supply already connected to the building (ideally a minimum of 100 amp 3 phase)
  • Your business does not have any other solar panels on the same electricity supply
  • We need a minimum contract period of 10 years (the longer the contract the cheaper the electricity)
  • We need a small amount of wall space inside the building to fix some wall mounted inverters which is ideally not in a dusty/contaminated area
  • Ideally there are no roof lights in the building or a maximum of 20% of roof area covered by roof lights

Ground Mounted Solar PV Panels

If you do not have a suitable building or the roof of your building is not suitable for PV then we can supply PV panels on a “ground mount” basis. For a ground mount system you need a reasonable amount of outdoor space and no shading on that area of space. If you think you have space for a ground mount system instead, or as well as roof mounted, please let us know and we will look into the viability of this.


If you are interested in saving on your business energy costs. As well as reducing the carbon footprint for your business and going greener. You have come to the right place. 

Get in touch with Sunpower Services today! Our solar power for business solutions make a lot of sense. 

At this current time we are extremely busy with installations. This is especially due to the very competitive pricing of the electricity we are charging. At present, with interest rates where they are, the option provided by Sunpower Services is a much better option than borrowing money to pay for a PV install for your business yourselves. 

That being said our customer care team will aim to have you booked in for a site visit as soon as possible. Simply complete the contact form below. 

If you’d like to proceed to the next stage and would like our team to contact you regarding a survey, please contact us.

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